Griffin Phillis Ford-Your All-Purpose Dealership in Seneca, PA

What is the essence of a trade? It's when you have something valuable, and you want to exchange it for something of greater or equal value. Normally, you want the upper hand when you trade, but we'll gladly give you the upper hand this time.

The Advantage is Yours

We have a large selection of brand new Ford inventory. The popular Ford F-150, Ford Expedition, and Ford Escape are just a few options at your disposal. And, you don't have to buy new-you can shop our pre-owned inventory, and we'll give you the same incredible advantage.

So, this is the deal-we'll take your old car. The one you don't want anymore. The one you barely drive and takes up space in Oil City-and exchange it for a brand new car. Like we said, you have the upper hand.

Have it Your Way

But, what if the vehicle you want isn't EXACTLY the way you want it? All that means is that it needs your personal touch. You can customize any of our new Ford inventory and set yourself apart in Franklin, PA.

Our seamless financing process will help you get pre-approved and find a loan at a rate that suits your budget. And, of course, we'll apply your trade value to help decrease the total cost and add any incentives and specials that apply to you.

Griffin Phillis Ford

So, are you ready to come out on top with this trade? The bottom line is that we at Griffin Phillis Ford want to ensure that you're completely satisfied with your upgrade. So, we'll take that old car off your hands so you can make room for a new one.

You can start the trade process online with our Carfax valuation tool. After finding your trade value, you'll have all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your family in Titusville, PA. We'll see you soon.