Technology is infused in everything we use. We know that this includes what we drive, and the Ford Fusion Energi is packed with technological features. It happens to be a very popular hybrid plug-in that you will want to check out. This could easily be the car of your dreams.

Two of the features that are available on this vehicle are the Lane-keeping System and the SmartGauge EcoGuide. The Lane-keeping System helps by alerting when you are starting to drift out of your lane. When using the SmartGauge EcoGuide, you are getting information such as how much battery power you have and how close you are to using the gasoline in your car.

You can stop by Griffin Phillis Ford LLC and take a test drive. We will be happy to serve you and answer any questions you may have. Let us help you take the Ford Fusion Energi home with you right now.


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