The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is one of the most stylish large wagons on the market. The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is stylish on the inside and out. The inside of the Ford Passenger Wagon gains in style from is leather upholstery in seating. All Ford Passenger Wagon comes standard with a touchscreen infotainment system, extra-large spaces for drinking cups, and plenty of storage.

Exterior the wagon has a modest facia, but it is still very attractive. The vehicle comes standard with tinted windows, dual power side mirrors, and 16-inch wheels.

The Ford Passenger Wagon makes it easy for passengers to enter in and out of the vehicle. Passages who ride in the rear of the vehicle will find comfort in knowing that they can enter and exit through the vehicle's power sliding doors. If you like more luxury features, then you can always add more with a higher trim Ford transit wagon model.


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