Some people just want a natural transition from their commute home from work to the state park six miles from their home. The Ford EcoSport is a perfect compact SUV that can easily go from city driving to paths deep into the woods. The EcoSport will make you feel at home while behind the wheel of this well-crafted SUV from Ford. There's a reason it is a popular choice in Seneca, PA.

Consider Energy Conserved

Have you ever been waiting in your friend's driveway for 15 minutes as she curls her hair and finishes some last-second touch-ups on makeup? There are too many instances in life where our vehicles are left idling, using unneeded energy while the engine runs. The Ford EcoSport features Auto-Start-Stop Technology that automatically shuts off the engine when not in use. It not only saves you energy but money too.

Cargo Management System Works

The Cargo Management System featured in the Ford EcoSport delivers 30 specifically designed spots for storage; consider the sunglasses, book bags and tennis rackets safe. Come see us at Griffin Phillis Ford to see for yourself, ask any questions and take a test drive today. The Ford EcoSport delivers.

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