Auto leasing is the perfect option for any Seneca driver who isn't ready to make a long-term commitment to a new car. With a lease, you can enjoy all of the latest features and technologies that your favorite Ford model has to offer. When your lease ends, you can purchase your auto outright, or simply turn it back in. At Griffin Phillis Ford LLC, we're sharing a few quick tips to make the return process straightforward and easy.

Bring All Keys, Key Fobs, and Repair Receipts

When returning a leased Ford, your car will have to undergo an excess wear and use assessment. You can get ready for this assessment by having your vehicle inspected and repaired by one of our Ford certified mechanics. Be sure to bring all resulting repair receipts in with you when completing your vehicle return. You'll also need to hand in all keys and key fobs.

Know What to Expect

In addition to an excess wear and use assessment, your Ford will also have its odometer read. According to federal law, all lease holders are required to sign an Odometer Statement reflecting this reading at the time of return. If there are any remaining financial obligations, these will need to be satisfied as well. Finally, as a lessee, you should always be sure to complete your vehicle transaction on or before your lease-end date.



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