When you're looking for a full-size pickup, you want to make sure that it's ready for whatever job you have for it. With our team here at Griffin Phillis Ford LLC, we have a range of trucks and other Ford vehicles to choose from. For those looking for best-in-class payload, horsepower, and towing, check out what the new Ford Super Duty can do.

The Super Duty has an impressive amount of payload capacity coming in at up to 7,850 pounds. Thanks to materials such as high-strength steel in the frame and military-grade aluminum alloy, the Super Duty is lighter yet stronger than previous generations. The truck bed becomes more versatile as well thanks to features such as BoxLink that can keep your equipment secure.

When you need to do some towing, the Super Duty is capable of both conventional towing and can even be upgraded to handle gooseneck and 5th-wheel trailering.


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