If you are interested in traveling in a capable yet comfortable SUV, the Ford escape should be at the top of your list. Aside from the ample space in its interior, the Ford Escape comes loaded with several features to make driving to Seneca comfortable for you and your occupants.

With plenty of cargo space, the Ford Escape allows you to carry large amounts of cargo to your weekend trip to Seneca. Opening the liftgate while your arms are full with luggage can be hectic. Therefore, the Ford Escape has a foot-activated liftgate that works only when the key Fob is near the tailgate. If you need more storage space for additional cargo, the Ford Escape easily tackles this issue by providing foldable second-row seats that slide in to increase the storage volume. As a result, if you enjoy camping but are worried about the cost of purchasing a trailer, the Ford Escape is here to sort you out.


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